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About us

Company SIA SOLO-F was established in 1993.
All these years we were earning new experience and creating complete portfolio of products and services.
We offer:

Door locks and furniture from more than 30 world-leading producers, directly from factories

Doors, interior and exterior

Safes and metal boxes

Keys and accessories

Special equipment: key cutting machines, sharpening machines, special locksmiths tools

Services -  key duplicating, 24/7 emergency SOS service, lock restoration, sharpening, engraving, stamps, laminating, umbrella restoration.

Legal details:


PVN Nr. LV40003161239                                                                                           

Jur. adrese: Caunes iela 1A, Rīga, LV-1006                                    

A/S „ SWEDBANKA” HABALV22                                                           

Konts LV50HABA0001408033961