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We react and go for Your call in 15 minutes! 

Do You want to get a free consultation? 

Send us a picture of Your door and You will get our consultation:

We provide WhatsApp consultations from 9:00 to 21:00. In urgent maters or late hours please call us! 
We open any locks!!!

We offer:

 You got into situation, when You came home and can not open the door? What to do? First idea is to call 112. Brave rescuers will help You for sure... but, at least You may loose Your lock, or even a door. We have a better solution, offered by professionals from SOLO-F company.


We will urgently open any door without a key

Emergency door opening in less than 5 minutes - this is one of our main specialties.  We also offer following services: lock installing, safe opening, car opening (doors, trunks, jockey boxes), garage opening, lock and door furniture replacement, consultations and installations of  door furniture to boost Your door security. 

Advantages of our services:

Maximally fast arrival and completing the task

Ourlocksmiths are well familiar with main locks of the market, so they will easily open the lock, keeping safe Your door 

Our locksmith always have with them main lock models and popular furniture

Free e-mail, Viber or WhatsApp consultations, if You send us a pictures of the door

We work 24/7 without free days and holidays

Professional locksmiths with huge working experience

Perfect reputation, what is proved by our long-term cooperation with government agencies

Industrial Security Certificate, what allows us to access and work on TOP secret objects 

There is no door in our experience, which we haven't opened!

Our locksmiths